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Moseley Park, Moseley, Birmingham

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Moseley Pool is a 3 acre pool set in the grounds of the 11 acre Moseley Park, which is situated in Moseley Village,  just 2 miles from Birmingham City Centre.

The Angling club was first founded in the 1940's  and currently has a membership of 109. There are 25 permanent pegs on the pool and the depths vary from 18 inches to 5 feet. The pool contains a large head of Carp to 15 lbs and also a good head of Roach, Bream, Tench, Chub and some perch and gudgeon. The odd goldfish to 8oz have been caught on occasions. The pool fishes exceptionally well in the summer months to pellet,  maggot and meat/corn tactics, using Pole or Method Feeder but plenty of fish can still be caught in the winter months using bread punch tactics.

The Angling Club currently has a 21 years lease for fishing which was agreed in November 2004 and will expire in 2025 .  The Angling Club does have its own clubhouse within the park, which is located at the poolside. 

The Angling Club holds 6 Summer League contests for a variety of trophies, the contests being held in the months of May, June, July, August, September and October. There is also a series of 5 Winter League Matches which are held in November, December, January, February and March plus there is a Christmas Match (Fur and Feather) held in December.   

 A children's contest is usually held in August which is always followed by a small party for the children in the Clubhouse.  (see children's page).

The Moseley Park and Pool Trust is a registered charity.  Membership of the park can be obtained from Moseley Travel, 172, Alcester Road,  Moseley, Birmingham B13 8HJ.  Tel No  0121 442 4499. or on any Wednesday in the park which is open to the public on that day.   Please see the park Manager Rowena who will sort out your park membership. 

Persons wishing to join the Angling Club should contact the Club Secretary Dave Walker  (see membership page) as being a member of the park does not mean that you can automatically fish the pool. You must be a member of the Park first before you can join the Angling Club. 

There is also a Facebook page for the Angling Club  - See   Moseley Park Angling Club

A history of the park, and further information can be found on the Parks website.

Dave Walker. Honary Secretary

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